Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Blog??

I know, I know. Isn't writing a blog about film a little passé at this point? Isn't every self-appointed expert on cinema blogging their thoughts on the latest releases? Perhaps. And so be it. So why start blogging now? My answers is this:
I have a couple of college degree's, one in Art History and the other in Film Theory. Despite a vigorous campaign spurned forward by my ravenous desire to talk about art and cinema AND have someone pay me for it, I have found that volunteer positions have been the best I could muster. Now that I have moved back to the Washington, DC area after living in Dublin, Ireland for several years, I am unable to put this expensive education to good use, partially due to the change in location, but mainly because the economy is so very very poor at present. Writing film, book, and festival reviews for Film Ireland Magazine in Dublin last year was a turning point in my writing metamorphosis. Evolving from a purely scholarly method (and therefore highly referenced, researched and written with unattainable jargon), to an opinion based form of writing which included a looser sensibility and ostentatiously colorful language, felt for me like a personal Renaissance.
Why the blog? Simple. I love film. I love everything about it. The gathering place of the theater, the suspension of disbelief, the departures from reality coupled with the deeply human narratives that connect all people, the music, the colors, the views of our world from places I will never be, the hope, the heartache, the grief and the joy. Most of all I love the art. And I love to talk about the art.
Hence the blog. I love to talk about cinema. I love to talk about the art of the cinema and I love to talk about the texts and subtexts presented in the cinema. While some of my friends find this tolerable, others think I am taking it all too seriously. Frankly, most others don't really want to take such a conversation past a certain level. Cinema has the power to expose uncomfortable, vulnerable and exploited areas of our minds, hearts, governments, cultures, and families. The devil is in the detail and often the detail is what we forget to notice.
I will write this blog because I can write in any style, in any voice, with any words I please. And though no one might read it, I got to say it!!


  1. I like movies. Except comic book movies. Because they're crap.

  2. "Friend of Film" sounds so warm and fuzzy! At UC Berkeley I used to read a magazine called Film Threat, to try to impress this girl who I thought had elevated sensibilities. The mag was about how movies programmed people and societies to do stupid things. I'm glad I got over her quickly, and went back to rotting my brain with movies as soon as possible! /robert