Sunday, November 29, 2009

Food Inc

The 2008 documentary Food Inc directed by Robery Kenner visually illustrates points made in the books Fast Food Nation and Seeds of Change, written by curious Argo-warriors and willing participants in the making of the informative film.
See this film.
Its important.
Through the classic documentarian style of expert and witness interviews, hidden camera reporting, file footage, and a wonderfully ominous graphics series depicting beautiful American farmland intruded upon by the slick forms of problem wielding lawyer types, Food Inc managed to effectively disgust and enthrall me. Building on what I already saw in the film The Future of Food, which you can watch for free by follwoing this link, , Food Inc manuevers through the supermarket and asks why we, the consumer, have been "kept in the dark" reagrding the origins of our meals. From meat to gain, it would appear that the illusion of choice which greets us at the market, is the manipulation of only a few mega companies. The film explores the problems that arise from this type of mass food production and the legislative tactics these companies have utilized in order to keep farmers in line and the public blissfully unaware of the horrors of our ultra convienient food comsumption.
Disturbing for many...MANY reasons, Food Inc draws on the expereince of farmers, activists, organics producers and the unrelenting cruelty of the mass market industries. Images of corn fed cow fields (hundereds of cattle in very small grassless fields) juxtaposed against the small farm producers whose zen cow pastures provide space, fresh air and an abundance of grasses creates a narrative of questions ranging from health impact to cost effectiveness.
I for one hope that the message and images of this potent film remain with me for years to come. I would say I was already a consciencious eater, but I can see clearly now, I have been purchasing products under a veil of ignorance.

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